How to enter Roku code?

If you are looking to set up and activate your new Roku streaming device you have to set up your Roku account where are asked for Roku code link or Roku enter code which will be displayed on your Roku streaming device before setting up your Roku account. Roku activation link code is essential to activate your Roku account which is mandatory to be filled to access your favorite channels on your favorite Roku streaming devices. In order to enter the Roku code, you have to visit the Roku com link enter code page. We are here to discuss how to enter the Roku activation code, and how to utilize the Roku activation link code for
Roku account setup and activation.

Enter Roku code on home TV:

Here are few steps to be followed to receive a Roku code link and to activate your Roku account through Roku activation link code.
Roku com link support for some of the Roku activation issues:
Issues during the Roku com link activation.
Unsuccessful process in Roku activation
Roku activation code does not appear on your home TV.
Activation link code error
Roku enter link code tab not found
Roku remote is not responding as well as not working properly
Generation of some of the Roku error codes 001,003,005,011,012,014.
Unable to connect Roku devices to the internet.

Follow the below steps to setup Roku devices:

Setup of Roku streaming devices might be a bit complex job but not anymore if you visit the Roku stick activation website.
Roku activation link code will not be available sometime where you have to restart your router or your Roku streaming device to get enter Roku code.
Roku activation will become easy when you follow the best systematic approach which is given below.
Quickly setup Roku device and enjoy your favorite channels, movies, and TV shows for the first time on your Roku streaming player by activating your Roku account using Roku com link enter code to be filled in the Roku enter link code tab.
For setting up Roku player, you need power adaptor, standards batteries, standard cable and quick setup guidelines from Roku tech support team.

Activate your Roku device by the Roku enter code option:

The first step is to link your Roku device with your TV.
Check the HDMI port on your TV and also on the Roku device.
Connect your Roku device with your home TV via the HDMI port using the wire which comes with the Roku box.
Add standard batteries in your Roku remote to boost up.
If you wanted to use a wired network you can make use of the ethernet wire cable.
Connect the one end of the ethernet port on your Roku device. Other ends of the ethernet port on the router.
You will come to a step where you have to utilize the Roku code link. Which is to be placed in a Roku enter link code tab. This will be verified before the activation of your Roku account.

Display the Roku setup:

If your Roku device gets linked you can start with the next step to start a visual setup process which can be understood by reading the below guidelines.
Now you will be able to see the Roku welcome screen on your TV.
If you are unable to see then check your power connectivity and also display the source such as the Home TV input.
The next step is to select the language for your Roku device in order to operate or understand the
instructions which are shown on your home TV screen.

Connect the internet via Ethernet cable or WI-FI connection, Roku can automatically connect to a wireless network.
Select your network name and enter the password to connect to a trusted network.
Once your device is connected then you can green ticks will be appeared on your home TV, then you can update the necessary and latest software on your Roku device.
Click ok button to continue further with the process of Roku activation.
In some cases, Roku device will be off in order to restart itself so don’t worry, the system software update will get completed.
After that Roku code link will be given to you to activate Roku account.
Use the Roku com link enter code to paste the Roku enter code.
Submit the Roku com link code online at

If you are not done with the Roku code link or facing difficulty in submitting Roku enter code then you can take help from Roku technical support number in order to complete your Roku account activation.

If you are done with the visual setup process, you will reach the last step where you have to activate
your Roku account through account by the following steps that are listed below.
Setup your Roku com link account by using Roku activation link code in the Roku com link enter code tab.
To enter the Roku code link, you have to go through the Roku com link website.

Now you will be able to browse and choose your favorite Roku channels. Add it to your Roku favorite collection from the wide range of channels in the Roku channel store.
Finally, set up the process of Roku and Roku account activation will be completed.
Now you all set to enjoy the online streaming of Roku device which is offered by Roku stick activation website.
Roku activate link code makes the process easier to set up the Roku account. Roku com link enter code should be utilized properly to enjoy all the Roku free services.