How to stream amazon prime video on Roku?

This article will provide you with an entire guide to stream amazon prime on Roku, amazon prime video on Roku is not just confined to the prime members alone but members can avail of unlimited streaming from the choice of innumerable originals, movies, and titles.

If any of the Roku users wanted to activate Roku account the process is same as we mentioned in all the articles. You need a Roku activation code and that should be entered in a Roku com link enter code tab where your Roku account activation process will get started.

The Roku activation code will be received on your device and the Roku activation code should be entered by visiting a Roku com link enter code tab and if you face any of the Roku troubleshooting issues then you can contact customer service for Roku or can dial Roku tech support for help.

Roku tech support is having a toll-free Roku number where people from will be helping people 24*7 in resolving Roku troubleshooting issues, the Roku tech team are completed trained on dealing with the Roku troubleshooting issues and also in treating with all the issues of Roku devices.

While activating amazon prime on Roku you can rent or purchase if you are not a prime number, playback of a rented video lasts from 24 to 48 hours, you can buy a video to watch it whenever you wish, in order you have to go to Roku’s prime video channel to watch all the amazon channels that are encompassed within it.

Here is the information on the level of service, on Roku the service is provided in two tires and one is where the prime members can stream unlimited entertainment anywhere and anytime, and users can also go ahead and rent or can also buy videos.

The other one is when you can get a prime membership, where the second option can increase the chances of videos and some of them are free of cost, in Canada, a Roku channel has not been released by Amazon and this service is completely restricted for users within the united states.

Amazon prime video on Roku is having an interface where it is extremely user-friendly and can let you find the content that you prefer to watch.

If you are facing any of the Roku troubleshooting issues then you can contact Roku tech team for help or can seek help from customer service for Roku if you face Roku troubleshooting issues like Roku activation code not working or regarding Roku com link you can take help from Roku tech team and can solve the issues.

You can receive the recommendations in the watch next category depending upon the series and movies that you have previously watched and also based on those you can have the saved watchlist.

We can see the separate section for amazon ORIGINALS with prominent visualization.

Amazon prime membership users avail under the included with prime category and are having access to watch unlimited movies and videos on amazon prime video on Roku.

Users can easily divide videos into subcategories such as popular tv, classic tv, recently added, top views, recommended movies and options as you choose and many more.

What are the categories?

Other categories that are available on amazon prime video on Roku are available to browse, like movies, kids, TV, and the recommendations within each of the divided genres which can include action movies, romantic movies, adventure movies, fantasy movies and many more.

In the more liked list, you can also find some suggestions that are based on the previous content that has been watched by you.

There are also many more options that are above the prime video, the amazon prime login can let you enjoy all of your choices conveniently anytime, anywhere.

Likewise, Roku code link has an inbuilt search feature that can be used efficiently.

If you are facing any of the issues regarding Roku devices there is customer service for Roku and also a toll-free option is available where your calls will be answered by Roku tech team, who are trained only to help people regarding the Roku troubleshooting issues.

Amazon prime video for Roku:

The amazon prime video for Roku is available for all the users with Roku devices and only people who are already prime members can have access to any of the entertainment belonging to the amazon prime on Roku devices.

You can search by title, or by actor or actress names, select it and thereafter click on the start button which is present on the Roku remote.

This action can add a video on to the WATCHLIST where if you are interested to watch similar types of videos you can click on continue.

A library will be present containing all the videos that you have already purchased.

Amazon prime channels:

The amazon prime channels that are present on Roku will be added with AMAZON CHANNELS feature.

Here you can see the premium subscription services such as HBO, Starz, Cinemax and many more that are present on amazon prime video on Roku.

You can see other genres that are available as well such as health & wellness, learn & discover, travel guide, international, entertainment and many more.

You can also become an amazon prime member where the channel offers 30 days of trail absolutely for free of cost, amazon prime on Roku will have full access prime video along with the streaming unlimited originals, movies and web series on amazon prime TV shows even at the time of trial period.

A continued subscription will cost 99$ per year and if you are having the amazon prime not working issue or Roku remote not working issue (blog link) or Roku activation code not working issue then you can contact customer service for Roku or can dial Roku support number for help.

The Roku tech support will work 24*7 only to serve people queries and issues like How to identify Roku link code from home Tv? and not to face any of the Roku troubleshooting issues, where the Roku tech team are trained with complete knowledge of Roku account and Roku devices.