Private and non-certified channels of Roku – how to add them?

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We can find thousands of channels in the Roku channel store where you can add them to your account and watch all your favorite entertainment at your home by activating your Roku account.

You might have heard about private Roku channels which means the non-certified channels from Roku, these private channels are like other Roku channel except that they are not listed in the Roku channel store and there will be no guidance from Roku technical support.

Roku private channel codes are available in order to activate Roku private channels and you need a Roku channel activation code in the process of Roku activation, there is a number of reasons why a channel may be private.

Here are some of the reasons mentioned why you need Roku channel activation code to access Roku private channel codes.

  • It may be a beta version that is not fully tested or developed.
  • It might be directed to a very limited audience.
  • It may also contain adult content.

So, these might be the reasons why they maintain proper privacy with the channels and ask for Roku private channel codes in order to get Roku channel activation code.

There are also case where you need Roku activation code on Netflix, because when you wanted to access Netflix by using Roku account then it is mandatory to use the Roku activation code on Netflix to enjoy unlimited free channels through Netflix.

Sometimes if the channels are not listed on the channel store then you need a Roku private channel code, if you browse Roku private channels or private Roku channel dictionary you can find the code listed with our review of a particular channel.

Private channels can only be added through the Roku website, where you need to activate your Roku account through Roku Com link, additionally, you have to log in and set up your Roku account to add private channels of Roku.

Private channel dictionary of Roku has to be activated through the Roku private channel codes by receiving the Roku channel activation code, each listing in our Roku private channel dictionary also includes “add channel” link where you can add channels to your account.

The add channel link can take you to the same location and fills the channel code for you, at this point you will face an error like” the channel code is not associated with the valid channel” where this appears due to the reason that private channels come and go, so if this happens then you can request for Roku channel activation code in order to activate the channels.

If the code you entered is a valid one then you will be greeted with an ominous warning saying that you are installing a non-certified Roku channel, that you might be exposed to offensive content, it may lead to the removal of the channel from the store without any notice.

The only part of the warning with any of the channels is that you may be blocked from adding additional non-certified channels if in case the channel you might be installing is having the content violating the rules or violating Roku’s terms and services then the channel will be deleted from the Roku channel store.

Roku activation code is a checkpoint to access channels and you can also activate travel channel on Roku, the use of this Roku travel channel is that it will provide the complete information on traveling to various places and this is present in the Roku channel store.

If you wanted to activate the travel channel on Roku then you have to request for the Roku channel activation code in order to access the Roku private channel.

You no need to worry about the warnings on the Roku private channels activation you can click the OK button to proceed and if you are still concerned about the warning then you can visit to know more about the Roku private channels.

About Roku non-certified channel warning:

Roku private channels have often been used as a means to steam pirated videos and also to distribute the video streams without the consent of the copyright holders that is the illegal way of entering the channel store and this might be an unrelated one with the Roku channel activation code so when you enter the code warnings occur and you need to use the right Roku private channel codes to activate the Roku channel activation code.

Sometimes you may also need the Roku activation code on Netflix for the security issues and you can also add some of the free Roku channels from the Roku channel store like you can activate travel channel on Roku to know about interesting places across the world and traveling.

Here are some of the examples that are the now-defunct nick reboot and cartoon network reboot channels that are streamed popular Nickelodeon and cartoon network shows until the copyright holder Viacom sued the channel developer in the year 2015 for the copyright infringement and the trademark infringement and unfair competition.

At the time that Roku had a passive chance on copyright infringement, assuming that the channel developers had the rights to add the content on the channels they created until a copyright violation complaint was filed against the copyright owner.

This is the approach culminated in the middle of 2017 when Mexico started banning the scale of Roku devices in that country as the pirates are illegally sending the streaming access to TV channels.

Roku has set up the right decision to use the Roku channel activation code to access the Roku private channel codes and sometime sit is essential that you have to request for a Roku channel activation code for the purpose of Roku activation code on Netflix.

For the average Roku user who wanted to add the private Roku channels from the private channel dictionary, the risk of losing the privilege is low and you can know more about this Roku private channel codes through Rokustickactivation site where you can clearly understand and find more sources to resolve the issues on Roku.


You might get a doubt what to do when Roku activation code does not work? you don’t need to worry about that because the technical support team of Roku is ready at any time to solve your issues with Roku. The articles main aim is to create awareness about the private channels and also explained the process of activating the private channels using the Roku channel activation code, some of the examples are included to have a clear idea about the private channels in Roku channel store.