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Streaming can always be bliss but setting up your streaming player is not, streamers knows how painful is to configure the Roku device, creating a Roku account is considered as the mandatory process to activate Roku account.

The Roku account is very essential and plays a very important role in your Roku com link activation process, the process to activate Roku account may lead you to result in several doubts like how to activate Roku account? What is the use of Roku com link? What is Roku activation code? What are Roku error codes and how to resolve those errors?

The solution for all your problems can be visiting because the site is filled with the Roku error code solutions and the Roku activation process where people are even provided with the Roku technical support who will help people in solving their issues regarding Roku.

The other option is that you can dial Roku support number to seek help where you will be guided with some of the guidelines to solve the problem, the Roku tech team is available 24*7 to help you in solving the issues faced during the process of activation.

Why do you need a Roku account?

Roku setup is all about creating a Roku account and then linking your Roku account with your Roku device, setting up your Roku account will not take much time.

Roku account activation will help you in managing all the subscriptions, purchases, viewing history and many more options on your device, once you are done with the Roku device setup then you have to start Roku account setup process and activate Roku account.

The Roku account activation process involves Roku activation code which is to be entered to activate your Roku account.

The account will get hold of the information like which Roku devices you own and preferences with settings and installed channels will be stored in your Roku account if you Roku account activation is done once.

Here are some steps to create a Roku account:

Visit the site to create a Roku account and enter your name, email id, password and confirm the password by entering it again.

Agree to the terms and conditions and also verify that you are 18 years and above by clicking the checkmarks.

Tap on the continue button and progress through other steps.

You will be directed to pin preferences page which is eventually considered as the second step in the process of Roku account setup.

Once you are set with the PIN then you can tap continue to progress to the final step.

You can see the Roku account sign in page which comprises of the necessary account settings that are to be added such as subscriptions, add channels, purchase history and here you can see the option deactivate to your Roku account also.

If you just wanted to update your Roku account details then you have to visit in with your credentials and then alter.

The Roku account activation requires login to the Roku com link to enter the Roku activation code that will be received then you can add channels to your Roku account and can have entertainment anytime through Roku.

When you come across any of the Roku error codes then you can go with the support of Roku technical support or you can also dial Roku support number for help as the team will suggest you with the step by step process to solve your issues.

Activation of Roku:

Roku activation code – to start with the Roku activation process all you need is the Roku activation code which appears on your TV screen.

Roku account login – then you can use your Roku account login on another device in order to enter the Roku com link enter code in the tab to complete the Roku activation process.

You need to activate Roku account if you wanted to add channels to your Roku account from the Roku channel store.

Patient – as the Roku activation process takes few minutes you must be patient and wait for the Roku account to get activated.

Serial number – check once if your Roku serial number appears in your account information in order to confirm your Roku account activation.

Roku account unauthorized channel purchase:

Visit the page

Just provide the Roku activation code in the required space to link your device and then navigate to the preference tab.

Then you have to just tap on the update button and then carry on with the instructions on your home TV.

The best part is that you will be having three options to choose your pin, always require the pin to purchase and add items, always need pin to purchase, Roku pin is not required to add or purchase users are left to choose their option based on the requirement.

The next step is that you have to enter the digits in the Roku pin field and make sure that four digits are entered correctly.

The last step involves that you just need to tap on the save button.

You have to just wait for 2-3 minutes and the Roku account pin creation process will get completed now.

How to activate Roku channels?

Roku channel activation process involves the simple steps Quick guide to Roku link code activation also available. You have to follow them correctly in order to complete the Roku channel activation.

Firstly, you have to activate Roku account and then you can see the streaming channel option on your Roku device screen.

The only process here is that you have to search for your favorite channels and then add them to your account.

You can also search based on the TV shows, the genre of the channel, for instance, movies and TV.

Roku channel activation process involves your Roku account personal identification number which is necessary for the next process step.

When prompted for a subscription then you can enter your card details to proceed for payment process.

You can finally see the channels appearing on your personal list of the channels called MY CHANNELS menu.

This is the complete process to add your favorite channels t your Roku device, the Roku channel activation process is simple and easy.

When you just come across some of the Roku error codes like Roku error code 009, Roku error code 011, Roku error code 003 and some of the same types of error codes then you can visit page to find a solution for your issues or can contact Roku technical support team.

The Roku technical support team consists of highly qualified professionals who can solve the issues that are faced with the Roku devices, the Roku activation code is used only for the purpose of security, in order to keep your account secure, safe and protected.

If you face a Roku error code like Roku device not displaying the link screen then here are the things that are to be done.

First, check if the Roku is turned ON.

Also, check the power adaptor and also the power source

Then you have to check the troubleshooting Roku issues of the high-speed HDMI cable.

Otherwise, you have to check the composite cable which is connected between the Roku and the TV.

You can call the toll-free number which is called as Roku support number for help and you can clearly explain the Roku error in detail such that the Roku technical support will just tell you to step by step process to resolve troubleshooting Roku issues.

If your Roku device does not recognize the Wi-Fi network then here are some steps that you have to follow to resolve this troubleshooting Roku issues.

Network – in this case, you have to check that whether you are connected currently to a network or not and you have to verify the name and password corresponding to the network and also from the other device.

Router settings – this second step is given a bit high priority. If you don’t have any troubleshooting Roku issues with the network then you can go with the router settings and obtain the relevant details and you have to reconnect to the network using the correct credentials that are required.

Support – make sure that you are entering the correct password carefully, if not and your Roku error is not resolved then contact Roku technical support or Roku support number for help.

If your Roku device is not connected to LAN then you have to make sure that your router is powered ON or not and then check the corresponding power adapter and cables to make sure If they are connected properly or not.

Check ethernet cable connection and the network settings properly to avoid troubleshooting Roku issues, even though if you are not aware of checking the network settings or other issues then you can take help from Roku technical support or can dial Roku support number for help.

You can also visit Roku stick activation site for more help and you also can find informative information which is helpful for you to resolve your Roku devices issues.